Briefly in English is connecting Finns to New Zealand. (translates ’to New Zealand dot fi’) is the number one site about New Zealand in Finnish. The site provides information about New Zealand, how to get there, travel tips, work-life information etc. The site also promotes handy services ranging from flights and money transfer to kiwi consultants and agengies.

We are always in search for a new partners who could help Finnish people to explore New Zealand.

The site was created by Tommi Partanen, a Finnish digital marketing professional, in June 2017. Tommi sold his stuff in Finland and came to New Zealand in 2017 to challenge himself and explore the country. There wasn’t a one-stop shop website in Finnish about New Zealand so Tommi decided to make one!

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Twitter: @tommipartanen

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Tommi Partanen,

Tommi Partanen is the mastermind behind

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